About Me and About This Blog

When I was growing up, my parents told me to major in what you were good at; your future job would teach you what you needed to know. Case in point, my dad majored in music but was a finance manager for construction equipment. So I majored in math.

When people would learn about my major during college, they would almost always ask me the same question, “What are you going to do with that? Teach?” My answer was always the same.

Hell no.

I enjoyed doing the math, but not explaining it to others. After earning my BA, I decided to earn an MS in mathematics as well. Not wanting to pay more tuition, I applied for several assistantships that would cover tuition. I was offered two positions: math tutor at the library, or math tutor for the math department.

Not wanting to teach, I didn’t want either, but my desire to not pay tuition was stronger than my desire to not teach, so I accepted the position with the math department. That was in 2000.

It turned out that I did enjoy teaching, and I was good at it, too! Since then, I have taught at the high school and college level (part of it with Teach for America), both is a brick classroom and online.

Currently, I am the Mathematics Academic Department Chair (ADC) for Laurel Springs School, an accredited private online school based out of Ojai, CA. We offer math for grades K-12, but I am responsible for the HS math courses from Algebra 1 up to AP Calculus BC (and including AP Statistics). Our courses are asynchronous, so students work at their own pace and are at different places within the course than their peers.


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